.: Hobby Boss Mirage III CJ

Kit: Hobby Boss 80316
Scale: 1/48
Scheme: Standard Israeli three-color scheme
Number: 159
Pilot: -
Base: Hatzor Air Base
Wing: -
Squadron: 101 Tayeset "Hakrav Ha'Rishona"
Date: 1974
History: The 159 went through several physical incarnations over time. In this way, it appeared after the one year-long repair, in 1974. Along with aircraft No. 58, this Shahak claimed the greatest number of kills, a total of 13. It was in this aircraft, at the time numbered ‘59’, that Yoram Agmon shot down a Syrian MiG-21 on July 14th, 1966, the first kill achieved on the type. The last kill was made by Eitan Karmi, shooting down an EAF AS-5 „Kelt“ on 6 October 1973.


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