.: Tools

Today there is an unlimited number of tools available for a modeler. There are three categories: Basic tools, Advanced tools and tools that just comes in handy.

.: Basic tools

A hobby knife
just look for X-Acto, and you have the right one

they come in all sizes. A selection of small and pointy to large and wide will do

don't tell the wife because the can get very colourful after some airbrush jobs

Cutting pliers
come also in all sizes

Small boxes and bowls
especially when you are building more than one model at a time you can organize the small parts

Sandpaper and files
more about these later

Liquid plastic cement

.: Advanced tools

Small metal needle files
there are set with many different shape available. Get one, they will last a lifetime

Filler putty
experiment with different brands, mine are Tamiya's and Milliput

Airbrush and compressor
yes, expensive, but actually a basic tool

Super glue
for fixing PE-parts and hard to fix seems

Photo etched bending tool
to bend small PE-parts is an art, a tool makes it a little bit easier

Dremel motor tool
or any other brand ofcourse

Scribing tools
to re-scribe filled and sanded panellines, or even create new ones

they are small, in all kinds of forms and fun to use

.: Handy tools

for applying glue, steering paint, removing tape and dried paint, applying PE-part, etc.

Blu tack
masking softlines and holding small parts during painting

I love this tool for making small holes in situations a motortool is to dangerous

Ceramic tile
a perfect underground for cutting small parts and laying aside small parts

Cloth pieces
for cleaning ofcourse, but also for protecting painted parts

Nylon panty hose
ever lost small parts to the carpetmonster? Put the nylon over the vacu-cleaner and it will catch all the parts you've lost


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