.: Diorama's

(Creating) diorama's is a new ballgame for me. But since we are never to old to learn something new, I decided to create some separate pages on this item.

Wikipedia tells us: The current, popular understanding of the term “diorama” denotes a partially three-dimensional, full-size replica or scale-model of a landscape typically showing historical events, nature scenes or cityscapes, for purposes of education or entertainment.

Miniature dioramas are typically much smaller, and use scale models and landscaping to create historical or fictional scenes. [...] Hobbyist dioramas often use popular scales such as 1/35 or 1/48.

Shepard Paine, a prominent hobbyist, popularized the modern miniature diorama beginning in the 1970s.

Drooling over the old Tamiya catalogs back in the '80s I was always very impressed by the armor diorama's they included. But as an aircraft dude I never seriously thought about making a diorama before. The display had to be clean, not even a pilot in the cockpit.

My first armor kits were that clean too. No figures and definitely no setting. But purchasing the LAV-25 everything changed. Diorama's are the future.

First some examples to wet you appetite:







Since the web is crowded with sites about making diorama's, and I am absolutely no expert on this subject, I am only explaining some techniques I use and give some link some interesting pages.

.: The base

The base of a diorama is important. Often a classic looking piece of wood is used. It gives the diorama an expensive look. For my first base I used a piece of 8mm MDF of which the sides were given a classic look with a router.

More to come...

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